To the bookstore in the world

I’m working on a craft artwork called “Flying Birds in the Bookshelf”. This is a bookmark that looks like a bird flying over the book when put in a book. Though it’s a kind of stationary product, it has the following story.

My objective is to spread this artwork, “Flying Birds in the Bookshelf”, to bookstores all over the world. Will it be possible for you to display it in you shop? It can be just for a short period of itme. And would you send me the photo of it?


I’ll put photo I received on my website ( as the journey of “Flying Birds in the Bookshelf”. How do you think of this project?


Of course, you don’t have to send me back “Flying Birds in the Bookshelf” I sent you. It’s a gift for you. After you send me the photo by email, you can use them as you like.


If you are interested and are willing to participate to this project, please let me know by email.

Thank you for your time.

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